Friday, September 6, 2013

Tears, make up, & dish soap all before 7 am

Oh what a morning! You know the kind.... where you wake up, more tired and wore out than when you went to bed?  
That was only the beginning...

Then I got all the kids up...
Discovered one still has yet to put on shorts, while I am scrounging the house for 3 matching pairs of socks...
Then I try and get ready myself while I hear my husband trying so hard to get the kids teeth brushed.  He does, but not without tears, temper tantrums and drama. From Emery too :)

It was time to leave about 5 mins ago...

Most everyone is ready, just have to comb some hair, and put jackets on.  As I'm combing, I realize my daughters hair is being very difficult, and I can't seem to get the brush through it at all...upon closer investigation, I notice, oh, yea that makes sense.
I realize my daughter has somehow managed to pour what looks like 1/2 bottle of my foundation in her hair.

Last night while I was out having dinner with my awesome Mom.

It has to be then, because in the middle of dinner I received a text from my husband requesting I pick up two new toothbrushes for him & myself. Why? Because the two littles decided it would be helpful to use my foundation as a cleaner, and the toothbrushes as the tool for cleaning the toilet....

It's only natural that she would've also put a bunch of it in her hair, and since it apparently matches her hair color just enough, the husband didn't notice it last night.

So I kiss my daughters tear stained cheeks still there from the traumatic teeth brushing experience, and make my way to the sink to set up an impromptu hair washing.  

Wyatt sweetly & quickly fetches the shampoo and a couple of towels for me. Lay one down on the counter, and set one aside for drying.   Of course this does not go without it's own emotional protesting.

Claims of it hurting, she doesn't like it, her neck hurts, she's cold,...pretty much everything but complaining of the water temperature, oddly enough.

After some deep breaths, and focus on a more calm emotional state I quickly realize, shampoo does not work at.all. in getting out foundation from a little girls hair.

At this point I make my husband grab $1.50 and run down the street to get a few donuts, because it's obvious there is no time to make any kind of breakfast.  

Plan B... dish soap.... gotta work,  right? Well,  mostly,  after a couple applications a good part of the foundation seems removed.

It's not all gone mind you,  but we should've left 20 mins ago... time is ticking.  It's good enough,  I can at least run a brush through it...sort of.

Pull all the hair back,  there, that's much less noticeable, right?  If not, oh well.

Everyone in the car!  Fine you can eat your donuts in the car... just please please PLEASE try not to get any of the pudding filling on yourselves, or the seats, or the windows, or the floor..... *sigh*

It's definitely a Starbucks morning.

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  1. Who would have thought that foundation would be so difficult to get out of hair? I was up with the baby for hours last night and have yet to get out of my PJs myself... but at least everyone has clean hair! :)