Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excitment and a BIG To-Do List

So, as of Friday, October 18th, while most were sleeping away,  a judge named us the proud new parents of our daughter!

Officially introducing to the world:

Inaiah Marie Dotchka Cox

We are so excited and so happy that she is finally apart of our family!  We have about 4 weeks or so before we will be going to pick her up.   My to-do list before that suddenly became really big!  That said, we wouldn't have it any other way! :)

We still have a little ways to go before we have all we will need for our pick up trip.  So in order to help earn some of the money we will need, I will be selling home made Elderberry Syrup.  It is made from organic elderberries, cinnamon, and organic raw honey.  We need to sell approximately 60 bottles in order to be fully funded.  Go to our Healthy Winters with Elderberries page to make your order. The price includes shipping within the continental US.   Please feel free to email me directly with any questions: rmcox  20 at gmail dot com.   



Friday, September 6, 2013

Tears, make up, & dish soap all before 7 am

Oh what a morning! You know the kind.... where you wake up, more tired and wore out than when you went to bed?  
That was only the beginning...

Then I got all the kids up...
Discovered one still has yet to put on shorts, while I am scrounging the house for 3 matching pairs of socks...
Then I try and get ready myself while I hear my husband trying so hard to get the kids teeth brushed.  He does, but not without tears, temper tantrums and drama. From Emery too :)

It was time to leave about 5 mins ago...

Most everyone is ready, just have to comb some hair, and put jackets on.  As I'm combing, I realize my daughters hair is being very difficult, and I can't seem to get the brush through it at all...upon closer investigation, I notice, oh, yea that makes sense.
I realize my daughter has somehow managed to pour what looks like 1/2 bottle of my foundation in her hair.

Last night while I was out having dinner with my awesome Mom.

It has to be then, because in the middle of dinner I received a text from my husband requesting I pick up two new toothbrushes for him & myself. Why? Because the two littles decided it would be helpful to use my foundation as a cleaner, and the toothbrushes as the tool for cleaning the toilet....

It's only natural that she would've also put a bunch of it in her hair, and since it apparently matches her hair color just enough, the husband didn't notice it last night.

So I kiss my daughters tear stained cheeks still there from the traumatic teeth brushing experience, and make my way to the sink to set up an impromptu hair washing.  

Wyatt sweetly & quickly fetches the shampoo and a couple of towels for me. Lay one down on the counter, and set one aside for drying.   Of course this does not go without it's own emotional protesting.

Claims of it hurting, she doesn't like it, her neck hurts, she's cold,...pretty much everything but complaining of the water temperature, oddly enough.

After some deep breaths, and focus on a more calm emotional state I quickly realize, shampoo does not work at.all. in getting out foundation from a little girls hair.

At this point I make my husband grab $1.50 and run down the street to get a few donuts, because it's obvious there is no time to make any kind of breakfast.  

Plan B... dish soap.... gotta work,  right? Well,  mostly,  after a couple applications a good part of the foundation seems removed.

It's not all gone mind you,  but we should've left 20 mins ago... time is ticking.  It's good enough,  I can at least run a brush through it...sort of.

Pull all the hair back,  there, that's much less noticeable, right?  If not, oh well.

Everyone in the car!  Fine you can eat your donuts in the car... just please please PLEASE try not to get any of the pudding filling on yourselves, or the seats, or the windows, or the floor..... *sigh*

It's definitely a Starbucks morning.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is the month our girl turns 4.

We really thought she would be home by now.
We thought there would be no more birthdays without a family.

Unfortunately we were wrong.

BUT! ..... We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to send her a birthday gift, from all of us.

I found this cute paper and each of the kids drew a picture just for her.
Then I added a couple pictures from our visits. One of her with Daddy, and one of her with Mommy.  On the other side of the kids drawings we added their handprints.
After we finished all of that, we then decorated the inside of her box, fit for a birthday princess.
Once our package was carefully filled, taped & secured, we all made our way to FedEX to send it on its way.
We had to explain a couple things to Oliver. 1) That there is no actual 'ship' involved when shipping a package.
2) That FedEX is not Bulgaria, and Inaiah wont be there.
(When we walked in, he looked and looked asking where Inaiah was and why wasnt she there, because arent we here in Bulgaria??)  If only it were that easy of a trip!
Once all of that was straightened out he kept telling the FedEx guy "Its going to Inaiah, send it to Inaiah please"

So now it is on its way. She may not be able to be home for her birthday, and we may not be able to see her open it, but we do know that this is her last birthday without her family! That is certainly worth celebrating!

Celebrate we shall! We have a little piece of artwork we are putting together to hang in our sweet girls room. We started working on it several months back, and now I think it is the perfect time to fill it up!
For every $5 donation one signature can be added to this piece.

Right now we are working on filling in the heart. Once we have filled that in we will be able to move on to each letter. How amazing would it be to have not only the heart bursting with the personal signature of everyone who has loved & helped us get her home, but to have every letter filled in as well?  I am so excited and I cant wait to talk to her about her own personal artwork.

You can donate one of two ways:
You can send $5 per signature directly through paypal (not tax deductible)

Or, you can donate $5 per signature to our Reece's Rainbow grant fund located here:

If you donate through RR, you have to email me your address so that I can send you a card for your signature. You can email this information to


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 5

We were up bright and early again today.  All of our bags and things packed up and ready to head back to the capitol.  Today we will just get a short visit, only a couple hours.  It will go by way too fast, and end way too soon.  We picked up the SW just like every other day, and on to pick up our girl.  This time we also picked up the Foster Baba.  We ended up at the same park as we were in on Day 1.  It was sunny and a bit breezy, but not too cool.  We played with a lot of bubbles, took a bunch of pictures and did our best to savor every moment we had with her.   Before we knew it, we were walking around waiting on the Foster Baba to meet us back at the car.  The SW received a phone call, and apparently she had went back home.   So the 5 of us piled in the car for one last ride with her on my lap, my arms wrapped securely around her waist as her tiny body sinks perfectly into mine taking in the scenery of our drive back.  Every once in a while she will let go of my hands to point out the window, then she presses her ear to my lips to hear me tell her the thing she is pointing to.   As we near her village, and closer to the Foster Baba's home my heart beats a little quicker, my stomach knots a little more.  I take a deep breath so that I can ask my question without tears.  Finally the words come,  I ask our translator if it would be ok for us to get a picture together,  one of us 3, the social worker, and Foster Baba.  With an 'Of course' answer,  I knew this wasn't a big request, and I did not expect a no... with this request though, came further verification that our time was ending. For some reason saying it aloud made it more real, forced me  to acknowledge the fact that this is it, this is goodbye, and it will be months before I get to feel her in my arms again.  Something I am trying so hard not to think about, not to focus on.  I know, if I do, the flood gates will open and the tears will flow.    I know it's normal to cry, and I know that I wouldn't be judged, and maybe it looked more peculiar that I didn't cry.  I have never been able to easily let loose tears unless I am alone or with someone "safe" & even then I have to consciously give myself permission.  I know how this may sound. I do not think it is wrong to cry by any means.  I guess you could say I am the classic introvert, and have a hard time feeling at all exposed. 
After the pictures it was officially time to say goodbye.  It was obvious she knew today was different.  Every other day at drop off she didn't hesitate to go to her Baba.  Today, she ran back to me twice,  reaching her arms up, and gripping me tighter each time, in her own non verbal way of saying, no, don't go, it's too soon.  Yes baby girl it is, way too soon.  This week had ended too abruptly, and the uncertainty of not knowing exactly when we'll be back to bring her home forever was too much.   It did not help the Baba telling us we should just be able to take her home now.  I'm sure she knew we would've in a heartbeat.   
After we dropped off her SW, it was time for the long drive back to the capitol.  It really is a pretty drive, sunflower fields, mountains, just beautiful.   We stopped at a little pizza place for lunch,  and had the best pizza I have ever had.... then on to the hotel for our last night here in country.   Trying to push way back into my mind tomorrow... or Monday, when life starts all over again, as if nothing amazing had happened.  Pushing back the pain and empty arms until the day we get to pick her up forever.  Oh how we love this little angel, and will do anything we can to get her home quickly. 
Blowing bubbles with Mommy

She loved popping the ones we were able to catch back on the wand

Daddy swinging us around chasing the bubbles

I think this looks better on me....

What do you think?

Yea... it fits you better :)

Probably her favorite thing to do the whole trip! :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 4...

Our last full day together.  The weather is staying comfortable and cool... making it much more bearable to spend 5+ hours outside.  Today we started out at the mall, they have a little kids play area, with a ball pit, bouncy house and several other toys & activities.  Our girl LOVED the ball pit!  She had the best giggle when I would pile up all of the balls on top of her :)   Of course she had a blast throwing them all too :)   She also loved watching another little girl climb up and go down the slide,  she does enjoy watching other little ones play.  After a bit, I helped her climb up the slope to get to the slide,  since the slide was a bit taller, and inside the ball pit,  it was impossible to hold her hands on the way down,  so Daddy waited to catch her at the bottom.  He said her expression was equal parts of terror and joy :)  She loved watching Daddy spin the hula hoop on the floor.... I completely failed the attempt to catch it on video, because apparently I had forgotten how to work the video function, leave it to me :).  After trying a few more activities, it was pretty warm in there,  and she apparently decided she was done :)   We went downstairs for lunch.  I had a big breakfast and was not at all hungry,  apparently neither was lil miss.  She ate maybe 2 or 3 bites, and downed her juice.  After that, we ended up going back to the park where we were at yesterday, and spent the remainder of the afternoon there.  Lots more swinging and climbing and sliding.  She has come so far in just the few days we have spent with her.  Even her SW commented on how she has learned several new skills in such a short time.  On the first day, she had a difficult time navigating uneven ground, and would get tripped up easily,  by today, she was climbing ladders completely on her own.  Not quickly, at a slow pace, but that doesn't matter, what matters is she did it 100% by herself and was so proud at her accomplishment every time.  She does not really speak much,  she says syllables mostly,  and only two that are words (Da-yes,  Nay-no)  And always bababa, doedoedoe.... then today, she said Mamama! It was wonderful! The first time she had said it, yup, I relished it :)  Oh, and today they had asked us what we are going to change her name to,  so that the Foster Baba can start calling her by her new name, and she can get used to it! How amazing is that!?!  So blessed to have such thoughtful caring people working with our girl now.  Well, tomorrow is our last day with her, we will only get a short visit.  I knew this week would be all too short, and end too abruptly, and of course it did.  I have a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat thinking about saying goodbye.  This week was better than I could have ever imagined it.  I totally fell in love with a little girl, she has my heart,  and so does her beautiful country, and the sweet people we met while we were there.   It was so much easier saying goodbye to my kids back home, because I knew exactly what day I would see them again.  This is so much different, a time table of 4-6 months is too broad, and well, way too long to wait.  But, she's worth it, and since this is what we have to do to get her home,  we will.  We love our little girl, and can't wait until her laughter fills our home, and her little body fills her bed we have waiting for her.

Loving the Ball Pit!

Getting ready to go down the slide


Playing and trying to roll the hula hoop

A little help from Daddy :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 3

We have found our schedule, up at 8:30 for breakfast, then out to pick up her SW, and on to go get her from her foster Baba.  The trip to the village feels shorter now that I recognize where we are and when we are closer.  Today was visa picture day.  First thing was first, and we got that all out of the way.  Of course her picture was perfect :)  She however did not like being up on that chair, and was more than ready to get down once all that pesky picture taking was over with.  While we waited for that to finish we spent some time in a near by park.  She loved the fountains, and would get so excited each time we walked by.  Most of our time was spent on a little playground area with a couple swings, and slide & monkey bars.  She has no climbing instincts or even the concept.  So we worked on her climbing up the ladder to the slide.  She led with her left foot most of the time,  she got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Every time she reached the top, she would turn around, and with the biggest smile on her face, would be SO proud of herself!  After a few moments of relishing in her victory over the ladder, Daddy would help her to sit at the top of the slide.... she would inch herself forward and backwards, as if she was trying to decide if she wanted to venture down on her own, or hold Daddy's hands.  She went with Daddy's hands every time.   Around the time we were playing on the slide, a man came up and was talking with our translator and the SW.  He was with the Department of Children. He came to observe and see how we were with her (apparently).  After a while, he asked us if we had any questions.  Michael and I looked at each other, and said no.  Really,  all the questions I had, were pretty much answered within the 2 1/2 days we spent with her & the SW.  He also asked how we felt about the 'match' .... it had to be something he just had to ask,  because if he had really been observing us, he really had no need to ask the question.   Of course we said she was perfect, and amazing.  With that, he said his good-byes and we went to lunch.  We ate at a little outside restaurant in the park we were at, all the food there was really good... though, I suppose I wasn't too terribly adventurous.  She ate well again today, of course she gobbled up tomatoes & cucumbers, and ate the chicken really well.  She did not care for the roasted peppers though :)  At one point she was standing on the bench and her foot slipped off.. she fell a little, and I think she was more frightened than hurt,  but I got to comfort her a bit,  then she stood up and went right to Daddy for a few more cuddles and love <3  After lunch we went back to the playground and played on the swings and slide some more until it was time to leave.  I love the car rides, she sits on my lap and just snuggles into me, looking out the window, holding onto my hands, and playing with my nail polish.   Then the SW walks her back to the Baba's home.  Today though, we were waiting for the SW to return, and our translator turned around, I looked and they were all walking back towards the car. It turned out that today was the Baba's birthday, and she wanted to share her chocolates with us.  She seems to be a very sweet woman, just in the few minutes we've spent with her here and there.  It is more comforting to know that she does care for our girl.

Loving the slide!

Anticipating the tickle :)

This is the adorable little face she makes every time she says 'doedoedoe'
We call it her Monkey face :)  

She's SO SO proud of herself for climbing the ladder!! Such a big girl!

I know I know....

Ok. Im sorry I havent gotten a post up since day 2.... I promise I will get day 3-5 up soon! It has been a difficult few days leaving our blessing behind.